2012 Annual Awards Winners


Best Overall Program

Population Less than 25,000: Fountain Hills Sister Cities Corporation

Population Between 25,000 - 50,000: Hot Springs Sister City Program

Population Between 50,001 - 100,000: Corvallis-Uzhhorod Sister Cities Association

Population Between 100,001 - 300,000: Birmingham Sister Cities Commission

Population Greater than 500,001: Fort Worth Sister Cities International



Arts and Culture

  • Population Less than 100,000: Brighton Sister Cities
  • Population Between 100,001 - 500,000: Tacoma Sister Cities Council
  • Population Greater than 500,001: City of San Antonio
Sustainable Development
  • Population Greater than 500,001: Long Beach - Manta Sister Cities
  • Population Less than 100,000: Duluth Sister Cities International

Humanitarian Assistance

  • Population between 100,001 - 500,000: Minneapolis-Eldoret Sister City Program
  • PopulationGreater than 500,001: Houston-Karachi Sister City Association

Youth and Education

  • Population Less than 100,000: Palm Desert Sister Cities Foundation
  • Population between 100,001 - 500,000: Greater Fort Lauderdale Sister Cities International
  • Population Greater than 500,001: Denver Sister Cities International, Inc.

Volunteer of the Year

Kathleen Borland, Chicago Sister Cities International

Take Action

This year marks a pivotal moment during which Sister Cities International is celebrating 60 years of peace through people. Get involved in this momentous year.
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As the world becomes smaller, and connections online become more frequent than face-to-face interactions, multicultural understanding at the community level is more important than ever. Sister Cities International enables citizen diplomats in communities across the world to develop relationships with communities in other countries that are based on cultural understanding and mutual cooperation.Donate