Global Envoys

Global Envoys are highly distinguished volunteer leaders of Sister Cities International who represent the organization. There is no higher honor in the organization.

The role of a Global Envoy is to represent Sister Cities International globally, including presenting papers, giving speeches, and participating on panels, at workshops, in meetings, at conferences, etc.; and to serve as a diplomat and spokesperson for Sister Cities International at U. S. embassies abroad, international embassies in the U.S., protocol visits, and sister city partnership meetings

    To qualify for consideration as a Global Envoy, an individual must:
  1. Have served as a board member of Sister Cities International in a distinguished manner with an unblemished record.
  2. Have an outstanding record of service in a local sister cities program.
  3. Have strong public presentation skills, knowledge of formal protocols for engaging international dignitaries, and the ability to convey the historical significance and future direction of Sister Cities International.
  4. Have a valuable national and international network.

Since the Global Envoy is an extension of the Chair and the President of Sister Cities International, the selection process is an extensive review, including interviews and background research, by a three person task force appointed by the Chair. The Task Force recommendation will be submitted to the Sister Cities International Board Chair who may accept or decline to appoint the new Global Envoy with the approval of the Board. Global Envoys are appointed for a five year term which may be renewed by the Chair.

Current Global Envoys are:

Nancy Huppert
Rochester, NY

Mary Palko
Fort Worth, TX

Thelma Press
San Diego, CA

Dr. Johann Vielberth
Regensburg, Germany

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