Aachen, Germany50.7752786.082778
Aalborg, Denmark57.0288119.917771
Abasolo, Mexico19.951944-99.532778
Abeton, Italy44.16277810.665278
Abidjan, Ivory Coast5.316667-4.033333
Abilene, Kansas38.917222-97.213909
Aboadze, Ghana4.966667-1.616667
Abomey, Benin7.1833001.983300
Abruzzo, Italy41.35922315.029297
Abtenau, Austria47.53333313.350000
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates24.46666754.366667
Abuja, Nigeria9.0666677.483333
Aburi, Ghana5.850000-0.183333
Acambaro, Mexico20.036111-100.731389
Acapulco, Mexico16.863611-99.882500
Accra, Ghana5.550000-0.200000
Adama, Ethiopia8.54138939.268889
Adapazari, Turkey40.78333330.400000
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia9.03000038.740000
Adelaide, Australia-34.929000138.601000
Adelaide-Enfield, Australia-34.844248138.503892
Afula, Israel32.60626735.288086
Afula-Gilboa, Israel32.60626735.288086
Agadir, Morocco30.433333-9.600000
Agen, France44.2049000.621200

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