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Eskisehir, Turkey
39.783333 30.516667

Population: 685,135


About Our Program

The name Eskişehir literally means Old City in Turkish; indeed, the city was founded by the Phrygians in at least 1000 BC, although it has been estimated to be older than 4000 years old. Eskişehir is located on the banks of the Porsuk River where it overlooks the fertile Phrygian Valley. Eskişehir produces trucks, home appliances, railway locomotives, fighter aircraft engines, agricultural equipment, textiles, brick, cement, chemicals, processed meerschaum and refined sugar. Eti, one of Turkey's largest food brands (mostly producing biscuit, chocolate and candy varieties) is based in Eskişehir. Arçelik, a major Turkish home appliances and consumer electronics manufacturer, has one of its production plants in Eskişehir. Eskişehir was the first stage of High-speed rail in Turkey from Ankara. This service improved the travel and commerce between Eskişehir and Ankara, thanks to reduced journey time. Known as a university town, both Eskişehir Osmangazi University and Anadolu University (which has one of the largest student enrollments in the world) are based in Eskişehir.

Seeking New Sister Cities

Eskisehir, Turkey seeks new relationships in the following regions:

North America

Areas of interest for new exchanges:

  • Virtual cultural exchanges, festivals, and activities
  • Youth/Student exchange programs
  • Economic partnerships/Business development/Trade delegations
  • Municipal governance exchanges

Eskişehir is interested in developing a new sister city relationship with a community in the United States with a focus in cultural, municipal, business and trade, and academic exchanges.

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