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Salinas, Ecuador
-2.216700 -80.950067

Population: 71,000


About Our Program

Salinas is certainly a great place to see and enjoy, located on Ecuador's southern coast, just 150 kilometers from Guayaquil and home to more than 70,000 residents. Salinas has one of the most developed tourism infrastructures on the coast of Ecuador, with many hotels, restaurants, and activities. It is also home to a thriving U.S. expat population. Salinas, is a privileged small place offering the same comfort and services a big city offers. Salinas is also the starting point to the 'Route of the Sun' so there are quite a few tourist resorts and attractions which can be visited. There are plans to build a water theme park here as well which will soon be enjoyed by millions of vacationers. Salinas has one of the most developed tourism infrastructures on the coast of Ecuador and besides offering all the modern comforts of a resort town, it also offers whale-watching opportunities. The weather in Salinas has great temperatures all year round. It has an average temperature of 24º C (80º F), known for its beaches and weather all year round. The best time to hit the beaches is from December to May. Salinas is famous for sport fishing and hosts every year international deep-sea fishing competitions. This is the place for black marlin and dorados. The scenic bay is full of jet skiers, water skiers, hang-gliders, sky divers and a plethora of various sized yachts anchored in the bay adjacent to the yacht club.

Seeking New Sister Cities

Salinas, Ecuador seeks new relationships in the following regions:

North America

Salinas is looking for a U.S. sister city relationship that will focus on culture, academic programs, student exchanges, and trade and investment.

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