Resources that Matter

Sister Cities International provides members with key resources that help to efficiently build and grow a program. Before embarking on an exchange, receiving a delegation, or vetting volunteers, Sister Cities International's membership provides you with access to visa consultations, discounted background check services, traveler's insurance, and travel medical services. Sister Cities International offers access to grants opportunities, topical training webinars, advocacy tools, and handy toolkits and templates to help you take full advantage of ways to enhance your program.

Resources for Travel, Exchanges, and Events

Background Checks: All Sister Cities International members receive access to discounted Intellicorp background check services for host families, chaperones, and new hires. Click here to get started.

Insurance: Get access to discounted traveler’s insurance for individuals or groups through Sister Cities International’s partnership with Seven Corners Insurance. Click here to access insurance.

Medical Services for Travelers (Passport Health): Sister Cities International has teamed up with Passport Health to provide members with discounted immunizations and other medical services. Click here to get started.

Visa Consultations: Worried about an upcoming delegation? Get pro bono consultations from immigration lawyers for questions regarding inbound delegations or visa applications. Click here to request assistance.

Building and Growing Your Program

Advocacy Resources: Show your elected officials the value of your program by using Sister Cities International’s advocacy resources to plan your meeting and make the best case for your program. Click here to download advocacy resources.

Certificates: Commemorate a new sister cities partnership or anniversary with our custom-made certificates. Click here to request certificates.

Grants Database: Sister Cities International provides members with information on opportunities from private foundations and public organizations to help you find resources to expand your program. Click here to access the database.

Toolkits and Templates: Get access to handy guidelines, templates, and best practices for exchanges, policies, and other topics relevant to sister city program development. Click here to download toolkits and templates.

Training and Learning Opportunities

Conference and Event Recaps and Presentations: Check out what innovative presentations were made at past conferences and events. Click here to see see more 

Digital Events: Sister Cities International hosts and participates in digital events such as Twitter Chats and Google Hangouts +SocialGood to engage the sister city community, individuals, and organizations interested in citizen diplomacy, international affairs, peace, and cities. Click here to view past digital events. 

Educational Services: Sister Cities International's partnership with the University of North Carolina School of Government and the American University School of International Service offers our members $5,000 toward earning their Master of Public Administration or Master of Arts in International Relations online. Click here for details.

Member Updates Archive: Sister Cities International sends out a newsletter every two weeks with updates on programs, grant opportunities, events, and much more. Click here to explore the archive.

Webinars: Build key skills and hear from experts in our webinar series. Topics include grant-writing, fundraising, and volunteer recruitment. Click here to watch and download webinars.

Take Action

This year marks a pivotal moment during which Sister Cities International is celebrating 60 years of peace through people. Get involved in this momentous year.
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