Joseph Forte, Jr

2024 Sister Cities International Board Candidate

Why I Am Running for the Board of Directors

I am eager to run for the Board of Directors of Sister Cities International because I passionately believe in the power of global connectivity and cultural exchange. As someone who loves being involved in my community, I also see myself as a citizen of the world, embodying the spirit of a citizen ambassador in the image of Dwight D. Eisenhower. My extensive travels to all seven continents and 25 countries have profoundly transformed my perspective on the world. These experiences have not only enriched my understanding of diverse cultures but have also deepened my appreciation for the intricate tapestry of global relationships.

Joining the board would allow me to actively contribute to promoting Sister Cities International’s vision. I am committed to expanding opportunities for others to experience the transformative power of travel and cultural exchange. I believe these experiences foster mutual understanding, peace, and cooperation among people of different backgrounds and nations. By serving on the board, I aim to leverage my passion and experience to further our mission and help others see the world as a more connected and harmonious place.


My name is Joe Forte and I am an Arizona State University alumnus and the co-founder of D-MAK Productions, a video production company that I started shortly after graduating. My leadership journey began in college, where I held several leadership roles in my fraternity. This early experience laid the foundation for my business and community involvement.
Shortly after entering the professional world, I founded Keep Tempe Beautiful, a nonprofit organization dedicated to community beautification and environmental education. This initiative allowed me to explore leadership in a volunteer capacity, significantly shaping my approach to community service and engagement. Through this work, I discovered a passion for environmental stewardship and community improvement, which continues to drive my endeavors.

In addition to my business and nonprofit work, I am deeply involved in civic activities. I serve as a commissioner on the City of Tempe’s Development Review Commission, where I am responsible for reviewing and approving development projects that shape the city’s future. I also hold board positions with the Kiwanis Club of Tempe and Tempe Sister Cities. As an ambassador for Arizona Sister Cities, I focus on fostering international relationships and cultural exchanges that enhance mutual understanding and collaboration.

My roles in these various organizations have equipped me with extensive experience in leading diverse teams, managing projects, and navigating the complexities of community and international relations. These experiences are integral to my professional identity and continue to fuel my commitment to impactful leadership and community service.

Skills and Assets

I bring to the Board of Sister Cities International two major skills: marketing and people connecting. My expertise in crafting compelling narratives will enhance our ability to share the impactful story of Sister Cities International effectively. Additionally, my strong networking skills, bolstered by both existing and new relationships, will be instrumental in engaging more people and deepening involvement in our programs. These capabilities are critical for expanding our reach and influence globally.