Sequanna Taylor

2024 Sister Cities International Board Candidate

Why I Am Running for the Board of Directors

My journey in public service and community leadership spans several impactful roles, each contributing to my preparedness for the position I am seeking as Board of Directors. Since 2016, I have served as a dedicated county supervisor, bringing forth effective policies and initiatives to address the needs of our community. Holding key positions such as Vice Chair of IGR and Chair of Audit and Finance has equipped me with invaluable insights into governance and fiscal responsibility. Beyond the county level, I have extended my leadership to the education sector, serving as Vice President on the school board and chairing significant committees like the pace committee. These roles have honed my ability to navigate complex issues and collaborate with diverse stakeholders to achieve meaningful outcomes. Moreover, my leadership has extended beyond local borders to statewide and international platforms. Currently, I serve as a Core Admin for the JrNBA Program in partnership with the City of Milwaukee, fostering youth development and community engagement through sports. Additionally, my involvement on the boards of organizations such as the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, National Education Association, Wisconsin County Association, National Association of Counties, Economic Development Board, and Immigration Board demonstrates my commitment to driving positive change at various levels. Collectively, these experiences have equipped me with the necessary skills, knowledge, and networks to effectively represent and advocate for others.


Supervisor Sequanna Taylor of Milwaukee County is a dedicated public servant with a passion for building bridges between communities. In February 2023, Supervisor Taylor had the opportunity to represent Milwaukee County at the Sister City event in Cape Town, Africa. This experience was instrumental in fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding among diverse global communities. During her visit to Cape Town, Supervisor Taylor actively participated in various workshops, engaged in networking opportunities with delegates from around the world, and visited local schools where she read to students. She also took the time to speak with members of the community in their villages, gaining valuable insights into their way of life and challenges they face. Supervisor Taylor serves as one of the Core Admins for the JrNBA Pilot program “Hoops Without Borders,” in partnership with JrNBA International introduced by Sister Cities International. This innovative program combines basketball training with educational programming for youth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Supervisor Taylor, along with a dedicated core team, will lead 30 youth and adult chaperones on a transformative trip to Abuja, Africa. This journey aims to provide participants with a deeper understanding of African culture while engaging in a friendly basketball tournament that transcends borders. Supervisor Sequanna Taylor’s commitment to fostering global connections and cultural exchange through initiatives like Sister Cities International and the JrNBA Pilot program exemplifies her dedication to building a more interconnected and understanding world. Her experiences in Cape Town and upcoming trip to Abuja are testaments to her tireless efforts to create meaningful opportunities for youth and communities to come together, learn from one another, and celebrate diversity.

Skills and Assets

As the current county supervisor for Milwaukee County and having served on several boards, I bring a wealth of skills and assets that are invaluable to the Board. Firstly, my experience in local government provides me with a deep understanding of policymaking, budgeting, and the intricacies of serving diverse communities. This experience enables me to provide informed and strategic input on a wide range of issues.

Moreover, my tenure on multiple boards has honed my ability to provide effective leadership, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and driving initiatives forward.