Sheri Capehart

2024 Sister Cities International Board Candidate

Why I Am Running for the Board of Directors

Sister Cities International is well known as a connecting point for cities, businesses and individuals to engage internationally. SCI’s mission of connecting globally through peace and understanding remains timeless and current. My desire as a returning Board Member would be to engage more strategically to promote our mission, focus on member benefits, encourage partnerships with corporate entities and to remain involved with the State Department in new and expanding roles.

I have served as an Arlington City Councilmember for 20 years, a member of the National League of Cities Board for six years, and at the county and state levels. I am interested in people, in meaningful connections, outcomes with a purpose, and benefits that endure. My skill set includes focusing on the needs, solutions, and creative approaches.


I am the Program Director, Sister Cities of Arlington, TX and have been involved with this program for 20 years. My involvement began when I was first elected to the City Council of Arlington and continued throughout my 20-year tenure. Upon leaving the City Council, I was asked to be the Program Director and have continued in that capacity for four years.

Arlington has a sister city in Germany named Bad Königshofen, which celebrated its 74th anniversary partnership this year. The celebration was held in Arlington for our 73rd year which involved a large delegation from Bad Königshofen. We connected our respective firefighters, police officers and elected officials to demonstrate the importance and respect our two cities share. It is a partnership that has experienced times of celebration of each city’s achievements and in times of need the when the cities offer support and aid.

In 2011, Arlington held its first German Christmas Market. This idea was one I initiated after visiting our Sister City and attending several of the German markets. It seemed fitting for Arlington to embrace this German tradition as we have one of the oldest German Sister City partnerships in the United States. Today, this market is known as the Texas Christkindl Market and it will open for its 13th year this November.

I previously served on the SCI Board of Directors for five years. Currently I serve on the Finance Committee, Governance Committee, as the NLC Liaison and as the State Representative for Texas.