Victor Wang

2024 Sister Cities International Board Candidate

Why I Am Running for the Board of Directors

As a candidate for the Board of Sister Cities International (SCI), I bring a wealth of experience and a deep belief in the organization’s mission. Originating from Harbin, China, a city celebrated for its ice festival, I have navigated diverse cultural and professional landscapes to achieve global business success. My academic journey led me from a Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering, to a Master’s in Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business, setting the stage for my international business ventures.

My career trajectory spans significant roles in sales and marketing at Fortune 500 and Hong Kong-listed companies, before venturing into entrepreneurship by founding a Silicon Valley startup. My leadership in establishing SINOSV LLC and the China Silicon Valley Association underscores my commitment to fostering U.S.-China relations in business, investment, cultural exchange, and tourism. My efforts have facilitated numerous exchanges between Chinese cities and Silicon Valley, strengthening cross-border relations.

With over a decade of experience in bridging cultures and fostering international business relationships, I am keen to contribute my cross-cultural expertise, technical knowledge, and global network to SCI. My trilingual proficiency and extensive background in fostering U.S.-China business and cultural exchanges position me uniquely to support and advance SCI’s mission.


Victor Wang stands at the forefront of international business and investment, orchestrating significant strides as the CEO of SINOSV LLC, an investment and consulting firm. His entrepreneurial spirit shines as the Founder and Chairman of the China Silicon Valley Association, a California-based nonprofit fostering U.S.-China business relations. Victor’s insight into the venture capital world is further exemplified through his role as an Angel investor, Advisor, and Board member with Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs.

Before his current accolades, Victor’s journey in the business world saw him as the President of Hanhai Investment and a Founding Partner at zPark Venture, marking over two decades of profound business acumen across China, Japan, and the U.S. His entrepreneurial ventures include founding a high-tech healthcare software company in Silicon Valley, directly contributing to the ecosystem with partnerships at institutions like Stanford Hospital, alongside ventures and high-tech firms.

Victor’s rich professional background is underpinned by a strong academic foundation, with a Master’s degree in Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering. His educational credentials are complemented by a Global Management Certificate and a Public Management Certificate from Stanford University. Fluent in Chinese, English, and Japanese, Victor embodies a global business leader’s qualities, leveraging his extensive experience, cultural insight, and language skills to bridge business worlds.

Skills and Assets

Victor Wang is a distinguished leader in international business and cross-cultural exchanges, with pivotal roles including CEO of SINOSV LLC, Founder and Chairman of the China Silicon Valley Association, and an active participant in Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs. Since 2012, his leadership has significantly contributed to fostering U.S.-China business and investment relations. Victor’s expertise spans entrepreneurship, investment, and advisory roles, underlined by his commitment to enhancing global business communication, collaboration, and cultural exchange.