Our conferences provide foundation-building activities for younger programs while retaining substantive sessions for more mature programs. Please click on the links below for presentations and videos from Sister Cities International’s conference sessions.


60th Annual Conference, Washington, DC, July 13-16

60th Annual Conference Youth Leadership Summit, Washington, DC, July 13-16


1st Annual Diplomatic Gala, Washington, DC, March 10

59th Annual Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 16-18

U.S.-China Sister Cities Conference, Chicago, Illinois October 22-23


58th Annual Conference, San Jose, California, July 31-August 2

U.S.-China Sister Cities Conference, Washington, DC, March 26-28


57th Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, July 12-13


56th Annual Conference, Jacksonville, Florida, July 12-14

Midwest Regional Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 5-6