Toolkits and Templates

Sister Cities International provides members with toolkits and editable templates for important sister city documents like partnership agreements and visa support letters. Click on the download buttons below to get your own copies of our specialized toolkits and templates.

Guide to Sister Cities Signing Ceremonies

This guide will help you through the planning process of a formal sister cities signing ceremony, where the two highest elected or appointed official sign an MOU, proclamation, or partnership agreement.

Measures that Matter

Measures that Matter is a study on the economic benefits of sister city relationships in the United States and their impact on the global economy from 2014-2015.

Partnership Agreement Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance as you draft the Sister City agreements—the most important documents for your program. The kit includes sample documents, tips, and examples of actual sister city agreements. Supplemental templates: Partnership Agreement Templates | Invitation to Partner Templates

Mayoral Proclamation Toolkit

Get your city more involved in your sister city program! This toolkit will show you how to request a proclamation to help your community event get the recognition it deserves.

Sister Cities Day Draft Resolution

A sister cities day resolution can recognizes the impact of our work and serves as a document of support for the value of citizen diplomacy that sister cities can provide. Use this draft resolution to create your own!

Visas - Inbound Travel

This essential toolkit for bringing in delegations breaks down the different visas that are needed to enter the U.S and how to get them. This will help you understand the visa application process, interviews, application fees, and the role of Sister Cities International.
Supplemental Documents: Visa Types: Requirements and Fees | Visa Support Letter Template

Visas – Outbound Travel

This toolkit gives an overview of the different visas needed to enter countries outside the U.S. and how to go about getting them. You will find information about visa waivers, U.S. passport information, and country specific information for visas to travel abroad.

Basic Introduction to Sister Cities Program

If you are new to sister cities, this toolkit will explain the value of sister cities and examples of programs that your community can do through sister cities relationships.

Building Your Local Program

This comprehensive guide is designed to help Sister Cities International members structure and strengthen their sister city program, whether they are searching for their first sister city, have recently entered sister city partnerships, or have been linked with several sister cities for many years. The information provided in this guide is relevant to a community-wide coordinating body responsible for multiple affiliations, a program with a single sister city affiliation, or a committee searching for its first partnership abroad.

Dormant Programs

In this document you will find guidelines for placing a sister city relationship into emeritus status, for ending a sister city relationship, a sample letter of inquiry, a sample letter of change to emeritus status, and a sample letter to dissolve relationship.
Supplemental Resources:“Reinvigorating Dormant Relationships” Webinar

Sister Schools Toolkit

The toolkits, template, and supplemental resources assist schools and sister city organizations to start and sustain their Sister Schools Programs.
Supplemental Resources: Toolkit for Teachers/Schools | Sister Schools Resolution Template | Sister Schools Project Ideas Packet | Tips: Creating Successful Sister Schools Partnerships

Communications: How to Give a Media Interview & Other Resources

The toolkits below provide a brief overview of how to give a media interview for better publicity of your program.
Supplemental Resources: Creating a Press Kit | Organizing a Publicity Committee | Publicity and Event Ideas

Economic Development: Assessing Resources and Gathering Partners

This toolkit will walk through the first steps of building economic development programming: identifying resources and gathering partners in your community. With some basic internet research and phone work you can begin to build the network and knowledge you’ll need to get started.
Supplemental Resources : Sister Cities and Economic Development Powerpoint | Contact Sheet Template

Incorporating Business into Your US-Japan Sister City Relationship

This booklet and was created under Sister Cities International's Leading Asia program intended to encourage and help facilitate business and economic activity between U.S. cities and their sister cities in Japan. It covers the state of economic relations between the U.S. and Japan, describes ways in which sister cities have impacted this relationship, and highlights concrete steps that your sister city organization can take to incorporate your local business community into sister city activities.