What Was Your Most Meaningful, Life-Changing Experience?

What was your most meaningful, life-changing experience?

If you talk to those involved with Sister Cities International (SCI), they will tell you about their high school exchange with their sister city in Shizuoka, Japan, or the day they received a letter from their friends in Sunderland, UK after September 11th, or they may tell you about when they went to Zomba, Malawi to open a composting site.

When you meet people from around the world, your view of humanity changes. Your support of SCI has enabled us to spread peace and prosperity through people for the past 60 years. In 2016, we invite you to be part of this thriving network of individuals, businesses and organizations by investing in SCI

Every day we see reports of conflict, hatred, and mistrust between people. SCI is successful in breaking down barriers to create peaceful understanding. Just look at our history. We fought devastating wars with Germany and Japan and now, through people-to-people connections, there are over 320 partnerships between the U.S. and Germany and Japan.

SCI is the oldest and largest volunteer network of citizen diplomats in the world due to your generous support. Because of this support, SCI has 570 members with 2300 partnerships in 150 countries. You are helping 32,000 volunteers, 15,000 students, and 24,000 citizen diplomats take part in exchanges every year. In turn, these exchanges foster world peace, support national security, and strengthen the economy.

Your gift of $1956 or a significant amount of your choice will make an immediate impact on outreach to our friends in Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa and will strengthen our youth, cultural, economic, and humanitarian assistance programs. 

Please send your gift today! If you’d prefer, click here to download the form to send your payment by mail. All of our citizen diplomats of every age are counting on your support. Our students, volunteers, municipal officials, and educators join us in thanking you for your generosity.

Join the movement that President Eisenhower started in 1956 – to take advantage of the assumption that all people want peace – Right here. Right now.

Thank you so much for your support. Together, peace is possible.