Steps to Create the WHY and HOW videos with your Country’s language banner!

1. Transcript your video

A. Script with Pauses for Translation: Collaborate with your official translator to ensure the script is accurately translated and localized for your audience.

B. Explore Video Examples with Language Banners: Watch our video examples, where all speakers are in English, while language banners provide accessibility for diverse audiences.

2. Scripts DOWNLOADS

A. Why Have a Sister city in the USA script

B. How to Have a Sister City in the USA script

3. Examples w/ other language banners

A. WHY have a Sister City Partnership in the US? French Subtitles

B. HOW to have a Sister City with the US? Swahili Subtitles

4. Questions? 

Don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]  or  [email protected]  

A. Why connect with official translator at Embassy/Consulate or University
   i. Avoid any language mistakes and insure correct grammar 
    ii. Provides opportunity to engage w/Diplomatic Corp and share tools for growing partnerships

B. Final version – submit to SCI’s CEO Ricki Garrett, [email protected]

C. Free underwriting of language banner addition to videos until 12.31.2023