Young Artists and Authors Showcase

The Young Artists and Authors Showcase (YAAS) is an annual contest that encourages youth from around the globe to express the mission of Sister Cities International through original artwork, literature, film, and photography. Submissions are centered around an annual theme and judged based on originality, composition, and theme interpretation. Selected Grand Prize Winners in each category (art, literature, film, and photography) win a $1000 prize. After the finalists for art, literature, film, and photography have been announced, their works embark on a yearlong tour hosted by local sister city programs on a monthly basis.

Participation in the Young Artists and Authors Showcase is open to any sister city program and can help expand local youth programming. The showcase is a great opportunity to engage your community’s students, English teachers, and art teachers that may not already be included in sister city programming.

  • Theme

    The Art of Diplomacy

    This year’s theme, “The Art of Diplomacy” highlights the importance of citizen diplomacy and the innovative ways citizen diplomats achieve peace through people-to-people interaction. Students are encouraged to draw inspiration from their experiences with sister cities, travel, exchange, international friendships, and the many ways that people cultivate relationships across cultures.

    See the 2018 Young Artists and Authors Showcase Winners on our blog.

2017 Art and Photography Finalists

  • National Winner Rodolfo Ledzma -Around-the-World
  • International Winner Tyumentsev Ignut - Travel Time
  • Winner Sophia Rowe - Sacramento, CA
  • Finalist Jaina Lanum - Roanoke, Virginia
  • Finalist Brigite Nikizag - Houston, TX - United by One World
  • Finalist Ryan Joseph Dacoylo - Cagayan de Oro, Phillipines
  • Finalist Racovita Lulia - Ungheni, Moldova - Search for a Miracle
  • Finalist Chen Yunzhe - Zhengzhou, China
  • Finalist Tesoro Roman - Tempe, AZ - Wanderlust
  • Finalist Chen Yu - Zhengzhou, China
  • Finalist Yukimi Arakida - Hanamaki, Japan - Friendship Across Borders
  • Finalist Daria Tolochko - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Finalist Chuyan Jiang - Delray Beach, FL - Home of the Brave Land of the Free
  • Finalist Anton Kot - New Haven, CT
  • Finalist Nanami Sakamoto - Osaka, Japan - Around the World
  • Finalist Chelsey Cartwright - San Jose, California
  • Finalist Yuno Murai - Fukui, Japan - We Are
  • Finalist Li Yuxin - Zhengzhou, China
  • Art Finalist Isabelle Rauh - Bloomington, IN - Flags of Understanding
  • Finalist Zoe Parra - San Antonio, Texas
  • Art Finalists - Seaira Siv - Roanoke, VA - Road to Peace
  • Finalist Andrea Hernandez - Bakersfield, CA
  • Finalist Abrefa Kleinheinz - Kumasi, Ghana - Exploring Around the Universe
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