Global Outreach

Ron Nirenberg greets event attendees

The sister cities network and the national office are supported by a wide range of experienced citizen diplomats who share the importance and impact of our mission all over the world.

Eisenhower Diplomatic Leadership Council

Chair – Ambassador Barbara Barrett

Mayors Leadership Council

Chair – Rodger Randle

Global Envoys

Global Envoys are highly distinguished volunteer leaders of Sister Cities International who represent Sister Cities International globally including presenting papers, giving speeches, and participating on panels, at workshops, in meetings, at conferences, etc.; and to serve as a diplomat and spokesperson for Sister Cities International at U. S. embassies abroad, international embassies in the U.S., protocol visits, and sister city partnership meetings. Global Envoys are appointed for a five year term which may be renewed by the Chair of the board.

Global Awareness Team

Chaired by: Mary Palko

Our team includes our Country and Regional Representatives who are highly distinguished leaders of Sister Cities International and help connect the organization with communities abroad. Click the links below to see our representative by country and region.

Afghanistan – Rick Burns

Africa – Lorna Johnson

Argentina – Mary Palko

The Bahamas – Ginger Moxey; Ramune Abromatis

Brazil – Carolina Rendiero

The Caribbean – Ginger Moxey

Central America – Magdalena Carrasco

China – Carolyn Bishop; Cindy Elliot

Colombia – Nia Lyte

Eastern Asia – Shin Koyamada

Egypt – Karim Wasfi

European Union – Teri Simmons

France – Mary Palko

Germany – AM Kinney III

Ghana – Sherman Banks

Greece – Christine Warnke

India – Raveen Arora

Iraq – Karim Wasfi

Ireland – Stephen “Tim” Quigley

Israel – Peter Svarzbein

Italy – Stephen “Tim” Quigley

Japan – Mark Jackson; Shin Koyamada

Jordan – Mae Ferguson

Lithuania – Ramune Abromatis

Mexico – Magdalena Carrasco, Gil Garcia

Middle East – Steve Kalishman

Palestine – John Dabeet

Peru – Bill Boerum

Russia – Bill Boerum

Saudi Arabia – Joe Bice

Singapore – Lily Ong

Swaziland – Carlo Capua

Thailand – Presley “Lee” Guio

Turkey – Joshua Walker

United Kingdom – Rodger Randle

Uzbekistan – Carol Robertson Lopez

If you are interested in speaking to one of our Global Envoys, please contact us at