Takako Michii (l) with Mayor Brown

Buffalo celebrates 50th anniversary of sister city relationship with Kanazawa, Japan


In April, Buffalo, New York celebrated its 50th anniversary with sister city Kanazawa, Japan. The relationship, established in 1962, has seen several successful cultural, academic, business and youth exchanges.

Jesper Frant

A pivotal student exchange experience


Over 10 years ago, Jesper Frant, a high school student from Boulder, Colorado, went as an exchange student to sister city Mante, Mexico for a year. Today, Jesper recounts how life changing the experience was.

The November 2012 Moscow delegation

Santa Clara County-Moscow partnership improves lives of youth

Santa Clara County, California is working with its sister county, the Region and City of Moscow, Russia, to better the lives of hundreds of youth who are without parental care. The sister county partnership has over the past four years, through exchanges and initiatives, furthered extensive collaboration in the social services arena.

Tallahassee Mayor John Marks meets the Rugao delegation in March

In Tallahassee, Green Energy Collaboration Sprouts a Thriving Sister City Relationship

Just two years old, the sister city relationship between Tallahassee, Florida and Rugao, China has already established several business, education, and media connections. 

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