Carolina del Principe, Columbia

Located in South America, the city of Carolina del Principe, Columbia is seeking a sister city partnership to create a long-lasting partnership and learn from each other ways to sustain development. With a population size of around 4,000 people, Caroline del Principe has so much to offer from Principal park Simón Bolívar, Sanctuary  “La Inmaculada Concepción”, Estatue to Juanes, Colonial Balconies, Colonial Architecture, House of Culture, Historical Museum, Religious Museum, “Balneario La Vega”, Municipal Cemetery (replica of San Pedro Square in Rome), Organales “Las Cavernas”, Alto de la Cruz Trail, Virgen de las Misericordias Park, Troneras Reservoir, Miraflores Reservoir, Route Waterfall “Escondida”, Route of “Energy”, Route Waterfall “la Chorrera”, Route Waterfall “la María”, Route Waterfall “La Holanda”, Balconies Festival, National Dance Festival, and Easter week celebrations. The spoken language is Spanish. Their main industries are ecological tourism, and farming (dairy, pig, trees). The city of Carolina del Principe wants to create a city partnership to share tourism ideas and educational exchanges.