Prairie du Rocher, Illinois

Located along the Mississippi River, the city of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois is seeking a sister city partnership to with a French Village city. With a population size of around 600 people, Prairie du Rocher has so much to offer from Ft. de Chartres State Historic Site (1720), Creole House (1820s), Modoc Rock Shelter (9,000 years old), Kaskaskia-Cahokia Trail (late 1600s), Conner House B&B (early 1900s), natural limestone bluffs, churches, homes, & other buildings (100-nearly 300 years old), located along The Creole Corridor (highlighting French Colonial life) and the French tradition of La Guiannée is still alive (New Year’s Eve). The city of Prairie du Rocher wants to create a city partnership to learn more about a French city to better understand their French heritage.