Honoring Tim Quigley

Honoring Tim Quigley

On March 14, 2024, Sister Cities International mourned the loss of a remarkable member of our community. Tim Quigley, Chairman of the Honorary Board of Directors, Chairman Emeritus, Global Envoy, and First Chairman of the Sister Cities International Foundation left an incredible mark on our organization. Serving as Country Representative to Australia, Bahrain, Ireland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Ukraine, as well as Region Representative to North Africa and the Middle East, and International Organization Representative to NATO, Tim’s contributions were invaluable. In tribute to Tim’s legacy, Michael S. Hyatt, Chair Emeritus, Sister Cities International, and Kevin O’Donnell, Country and Region Representative Liaison, Sister Cities International, have written heartfelt words capturing Tim’s enduring legacy.

Tim’s passing is the end of an era. He epitomized the character of a dedicated volunteer. He lived our mission as President Eisenhower envisioned, that is to promote cultural exchange through exchange. We discussed many times the brilliance of Eisenhower and that all volunteers should be required to digest as much about him, through the various YouTube videos and published history.

Tim gave freely of his time, wisdom, and resources in support of Sister Cities. He served in leadership roles of the Board (including Chairman), the Honorary Board, the Foundation, the Global Awareness team and working with the state representatives. That doesn’t include his work with the San Jose Sister Cities program which thrived with his leadership and cooperation with elected officials. He welcomed conferences and meetings where he could connect with others. I believe we all can agree that he was the most involved Chair and Chair Emeritus in our history.

At one time one of the goals in our strategic plan was to win the Nobel Peace Prize. He managed to have SCI nominated several times, but it didn’t go far. It would be good to revive that goal. 

In addition to Sister Cities, Tim had other passions. He revered his Irish heritage and the relationship of San Jose with Dublin. That led him to a thirst for Jameson’s Irish Whiskey.

He respected military service and was very proud of his graduation from the Naval Academy and his career with the United States Navy. That led him to serve on an advisory group to NATO.

He was a family man hosting family events and baking pies.

While a bit difficult for me, I think Tim’s final words would be “Go Navy. Beat Army”.

– Michael S. Hyatt, Chair Emeritus, Sister Cities International

Last week, the world lost Tim Quigley, one of its most dedicated and beloved citizen diplomats. Tim was a sister cities volunteer whose talents and expertise knew no limits. He seemed to have a story from every country in the world, having traveled to or lived in most of them. As an enthusiastic mentor and eternal optimist, he encouraged everyone to embrace the opportunities in life’s challenges. Tim leaves behind this legacy in all who had the privilege of meeting him.

As a fellow career member of the military, Tim was a great admirer of SCI’s founder, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who perhaps knew better than anyone that there was only one path forward after war–that of preserving the peace. Tim believed in his soul that this could be achieved through people-to-people connections and genuine friendships across borders, cultures, languages, and yes–even disputes.

Tim had an exceptional warmth about him. His spirit of humanity could be easily seen in his everyday interactions; he was able to make fast friends with whoever happened to be standing next to him in line. Tim will be remembered as an inspirational and visionary leader. But above all, those who knew him will remember him as an incredible friend.

His memory will forever be a blessing.

Rest in peace, Tim.

-Kevin O’Donnell, Country and Region Representative Liaison, Sister Cities International