Karim Wasfi Appointed Egypt and Iraq Representative for Sister Cities International

Sister Cities International’s Board of Directors has approved Mr. Karim Wasfi, renowned cellist and Founder & President of Peace Through Arts Inc. to be the Country Representative for Egypt and Iraq. “In his new role, he serves as an integral part of Sister Cities International’s diplomatic and partnership outreach and will help promote the mission of sister cities: to promote peace through mutual respect, cooperation, and understanding—one individual, one community at a time,”  stated Chairman Tim Quigley.

Country Representatives are highly distinguished leaders of Sister Cities International who help connect the organization with communities abroad. Mr. Wasfi is highly suited to take on the role of Country Representative for Egypt and Iraq due to his significant efforts in both regions to combat terror and intimidation through music, sound, and arts therapy. His work and initiatives have been widely covered by national and international media, and he has won various awards in recognition of his transformative work in creating peace including the 2016 Asia Game Changers Award by the Asia Society & the Rockefeller Foundation.

“Sister city programs cultivate a connectivity and interdependence that strengthen communities worldwide. I hope to bring my expertise in the arts and music to a wider community in Egypt and Iraq through initiatives that transcend the intimidation of terror and radicalization that many communities in these countries experience,” said Mr. Wasfi.  These initiatives will cover a broad range of topics that fall under four categories: youth and education; arts and culture; business and trade; and community development. Sister Cities International looks forward to working with Mr. Wasfi in his new role and is confident that his experience and network will be beneficial to all current and future partnerships in Egypt and Iraq.

 Cities in Egypt and Iraq interested in developing or renewing a sister city relationship can contact Mr. Wasfi at [email protected].

Download the press release to share with your community here.

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