Highland Park, IL and Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities Partnership Hosts Virtual Cooking Class Fundraiser

Chef Thierry Blouet Partners with Highland Park/Puerto Vallarta Sister Cities to bring Art and Cultural Programs to Children in Puerto Vallarta

The Highland Park, IL, Sister Cities Foundation and the Puerto Vallarta/Highland Park Sister Cities Committee in Puerto Vallarta partnered with Thierry Blouet, chef and owner of Café des Artistes in Puerto Vallarta, to create a Virtual Cooking Class. This event raised money for Sister Cities Art and Cultural Programs for children in Puerto Vallarta.


The Zoom event, held on May 25, 2021, featured Chef Blouet cooking in his home kitchen and guiding participants as they prepared a gourmet meal.

Those in attendance had the unique opportunity to be taught by a chef of Thierry’s caliber.

Thierry Blouet has been awarded the honor of the best chef in Mexico and his restaurant, Café des Artistes, continually ranks among the best in Mexico. Blouet is also a founder and organizer of the Puerto Vallarta International Gourmet Festival, a yearly event held in Puerto Vallarta that boasts chefs from around the world.


Blouet, a member of La Chaine des Rotisseurs, enjoys the honor of being the Bailli Délégué for all of Mexico. His desire to nurture young chefs is evident in his creation of the Thierry Blouet Trophy founded 15 years ago in Puerto Vallarta with the aim of concentrating, promoting and rewarding gastronomic talent.

Chef Blouet has been to Highland Park several times, participating in the Highland Park Sister Cities Foundation’s Gourmet Galas and as a guest chef at Ravinia, Highland Park’s renowned music venue- the oldest outdoor music festival in the United States.

All money raised at the Virtual Cooking Class will go to art and cultural programs for children in Puerto Vallarta. One such program created by the Highland Park Sister Cities Foundation in 2019, DesembocArte, provides children in a rural area of Puerto Vallarta, Desembocada, the opportunity to take art lessons from a local artist.